18 ene. 2011

Kisses, pain, love and fantasy

Kissing lessons in Some like it hot 

Lucia Bose &
Raf Vallone - Roma ore 11
Bitter Moon
Annie Hall
Sex in Fil Noir - Lang's Scarlett Street

Flesh and the Devil
Two pictures of Raf Vallone and Simone Signoret kissing in Thérese Raquin

Casque d'or
Les deux anglaises et le continent
Les deux anglaises et le continent
Queen Kelly 

This sporting life

A farewell to arms

A matter of Life and Death

L'histoire d'Adele H
A Little Romance
Atrapa a un ladrón
Lubitsch's Design for Living
Today We Live

Mamoulian's City Streets

Point Black
Brief Encounter

Murnau - Faust

Margarita Gautier

Visconti's The damned

Lucia Bosè

Gruppo di famiglia in un interno
The Clock 
From here to eternity

From here to eternity

Desayuno con diamantes

La dolce vita

Duel in the Sun

Guys and Dolls

Woman next door

Damage / Fatale

Four horsemen of Apocalypse

La piscine

Les enfants du paradise

The best years of our lives

Love Affair 1939

Madame de... Je ne vous amimez pas, elle dit

Muchachas en uniforme

Peter Ibettson

Pepe le Moko

Remember the Night

Song of Songs

Splendor in the grass
A streetcar named desire

Une femme mariée
Roman Holiday
Rear Window
On the waterfront

Women in love
Brokeback Mountain
You only live once

Zabrinskie Point
Waterloo Bridge
Viaggio in Italia
Une femme mariée
Un chant d'amour
Audrey Hepburn kissing Albert Finney in Two for the Road
The sound of Music
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
Visconti's la terra trema into Cinema paradiso
Murnau - Sunrise
Son of Fury
Some Came Running
Joan Crawford - Sadie McKee
Ryan's daughter
Queen Cristina
Pauline a la plage
Out of the Past
Obsesión John M Stahl
Bette Davis - La extraña pasajera
North by Northwest
Un verano con Monica
Mayerling 1968
Match Point
Los abrazos rotos
Les parapluis de Cherbourg
Le chieve di casa
Un long dimanche de fiançailles
Lacombe Lucien
La stanza del figlio
Truffaut's Mississippi's Mermaid
La piscine
Gueule d'amour
il conformista
Antonioni's Identificazione di una donna
I girasoli
I compagni
Une femme mariée
El ángel exterminador
Bosè & Girotti in Cronaca di un amore

Murder my sweet
Before Sunrise
Ball of Fire
Balada de un soldado
Baby Doll
An American in Paris
Loves of a blonde
A letter to three wives
Godard's Breathless

Nobody loves and makes love like Spaniards. Atame