18 ene. 2011

Mirrors in cinema

Mariangela Melato Film d'amore ed anarchia

Murnau's Faust 

Anna Magnani 

Sophia Loren


Lubitsch's  Trouble in Paradise 

Dreyer's Gertrud
Laura with the stunning and perfect Gene Tierney 

Queen Kelly 

Anita Ekberg sexy as usual 

dal mondo di Visconti 

Mylene Demongeot
Jean Gabin - La bête humaine
Jean Harlow - Reckless
Jean Gabin - La bandera

Ugo Tognazzi, il commissario Pepe

Jack Lemmon in The Apartment
Jean Seberg & Belmondo in Jean-Luc Goddard's a bout de souffle

Henry Fonda

María Félix como Doña Bárbara

Liza Minelli as Sally Bowles in Cabaret

Ryan Gosling - Only God forgives

Claudia Cardinale

Bette Davis as Mildred in Of human bondage

Melina Mercuori

Jeanne Moreau in Jacques Demy's La baie des anges

Dirk Bogarde in The servant
Clara Bow in Wings

The servant

Joan Crawford, flapper

Luca Argentero in Cha Cha Cha
Alain Delon desires himself as Tom Ripley

Jeanne Moreau in La mariée etait en noir

cet obscur objet du désir
Busby Berkeley fantasy

Eyes wide shut

Monica Vitti, La notte

Belmondo in a beautiful 50's Spanish mirror in Melville's Le doulos

Le feu follet

Maurice Ronet - Le feu follet
Tilda in Orlando

Melina Mercuri - Phaedra

Renoir's Rules of Game

Saint Romy Schneider

Wild Straberries

I served the King of England


Zazie dans le métro

Sophia Loren - Una giornata particolare

Natalie Wood

Fritz Lang's Secret beyond the Door

Eva Green in The Dreamers
Katherine Hepburn in Cukor's Sylvia Scarlett

Ingrid Bergman

a very young Brigitte Bardot
Jean Sorel on water - Visconti's Sandra
Ugo Tognazzi in Romanzo Popolare, Monicelli's bitter masterpiece
The O'Neals in Papper Moon
Jean Marais as Orfeo
Isabelle Adjani and Nosferatu
Peter Lorre in M

Belmondo and Cardinale in La viaccia
Belmondo and Deneuve in La sirene du Mississippi
Pre code Hays. Jean Harlow

Jon Voight - Midnight cowboy

Gina Lollobrigida, probably from La romana

La nuit américaine, Jacqueline Bisset on right
Eric Rohmer's The collector
Jeanne Moreau in Jules et Jim
Catherine Spaak in Dolci inganni
The Cruises in Eyes wide shut
Joseph Losey's Eva
Carnal Knowledge
Doctor Zhivaho
prostitute in Death in Venice (brothel flashback)
Cyrano de Bergerac
Bonjour tristesse
Famous mirrors in Lady from Shanghai
Blanche du Bois
I compagni 
Bette Davis, Of human bondage
Danielle Darrieux in Madame de...
Almodovar's Law of Desire
Garbo and Taylor in Margarita Gautier

Truffaut's The last metro

Claudette Colbert

a Von Stroheim film, silent Pre Code, probably Merry widow
Ingrid Bergman in Litvak's Aimez vous Brahms? 

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