8 jun. 2011

La Jet set, Helmut Berger y Visconti en Conversation piece

An unhappy marriage (with Claudia Cardinale) + motherhood memories (played by Dominque Sanda) + a strange bisexual young blond and gorgeous guest  / son  = Burt Lancaster's character, the professor, is a gay into the closet and full stop. 

End of marriage: tears

Viscont con Cardinale, during shooting the film
Mother flashbacks

Male object of desire. Better if he's hurt

Disfuntional family: a marquise, her daughter, the daughter's boyfriend, and the mother's protégé

Helmut Berger's bulge

Piero Tosi was complained with Fendi super expensive and vulgar fur coats until He saw Silvana dressed. Her fair style is inspired by FIAT's wife Mrs Agnelli. 

Claudia Cardinale's cameo, the wife

Conversation piece Czech poster
Conversation piece poster español

Conversation piece

Conversation piece polish film poster

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