25 ene. 2012

Deborah Kerr's beauty and style

Bonjour tristesse with David Niven, again, after Separate Tables 
Jean Seberg meets Deborah Kerr

A very young Kerr in one of her three roles in Michael Powell's masterpiece Colonel Blimp 

Stewart Granger was handsome. My 1st male crash was watching Solomon when I was a kid  

Unrealized (beautiful) love (story)  between a soldier and a nun in WWII

The famous love affair and NY date in the Empire State

Powerful Henry King's melodrama about the life and love in the late years of Scott Fitzgerald. With Gregory Peck, she was beautiful

Her famous horror Gothic British film 

She plays a painter in the Mexican Tennessee Williams' world 

Deborah Kerr is naked in The Gipsy Moths where she is an unhappy married woman who lives a short love affair with Burt Lancaster

con Santa Audrey

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