9 ene. 2012

il sorpasso, Italian shores, 60's chic

Let's compare the beautiful and bourgeois black and white chic spiaggie (beaches) in two films, the famous il sorpasso (The easy life, Dino Risi) and La voglia matta, both with the face of the early 60's in Italy, French gamine fashion icon Catherine Spaak.
Second, La voglia matta, film in Sardegna
Now, in color, only 3 years later than il sorpasso, Dino Risi made L'ombrellone in Riccione, a little bourgeois Dolce Vita for Sandra Milo, married to Enrico Maia Salerno, who visits her only for the ferragosto weekend. Everything has change: crowdy, foreign tourism, local Gigolo (played by the gorgeous Jean Sorel) and a total loss of charm.

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