18 ene. 2012

Romy Schneider, Chanel, Visconti and the Jet set

All her clothes are by CHANEL

Bassed on Guy de Maupassant, she plays a count's wife, the daughter of a rich German oligarch. Visconti's episode is named il lavoro (the job). Imagine doing what. Just watch the film. 

Mademoiselle Coco teachs her how to be the most elegant figure in early 60's. Visconti and Chanel made the miracle, from the 50's corny over weight Austrian girl, they Pigmalyoned her as the most attractive swan since Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn hit screens worldwide. 

I love this pic and I repeat it.

Her nude back was a scandal on the US release. 

with Visconti


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  1. Romy por siempre, nunca ha existido alguien como ella fue lo maximo