23 feb 2012

Lucia Bosè

Discovered by Visconti brothers. She worked in the poshest patisserie in Milan. 
Luchino's  brother owned the rights of Miss Italia, and she won. Apparently she had a brief affair, cut to another one to Michelangelo Antonioni. 

All these caps are from Muerte de un ciclista

Non c'è pace tra gli ulivi 

For Roma ore 11, see my new post

The following pics are from Cronaca di un amore

Massimo Girotti loves

Gli sbandati
gli sbandati

Antonioni: Le signore senza camelie

Cronaca di un amore

Lucia Bose and her son, Miguel when he was a teenager
Her best Spanish film on the second part of her career, Un invierno en Mallorca, where she plays George Sand, loving Chopin in a cold winter in a Carthusian.

Aged Lucia Bosè in I vicerè (2007), famous novel, interesting film similar to Gattopardo