23 feb. 2012

Moda y cine años 40's. Fashion and cinema in the 40's

The 40's was the cruelest decade of 20th Century because the WWII. Hollywood exported two different glamourous world, the extravaganza musicals in Technicolor (from MGM or Fox); and specially film noir with its dark, sordid, chic atmosphere: detectives, gangsters, femme fatales, corruption, evil. The reality was even worse off screen. 
Let's remember WB women pictures, with Bette Davis or Joan Crawford.  
Glamour girls unknown in extra roles in the 30's did get the eternal fame: Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth. 

Gene Tierney, Greta Garbo, Hedy Lamarr and Joan Fontaine

Greta, retirada del cine en 1941

Hedy Lamarr,  importada de Austria

Joan Fontaine, me gusta su estilo británico

Let's not forget to Lana Turner

and of course, Lauren Bacall

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