24 mar. 2012

Gay in the closet

Burt Lancaster loves Helmut Berger in Visconti's last masterpiece Conversation Piece 

Tab Hunter y James Dean

Montgomery Clift, gay submission message in From here to eternity 

Minnelli's  Tea and sympathy: starred by two Kerrs, Deborah and John Kerr

John Kerr is in the closet in the self censored version of the Stage Drama

Laura. He is in love with Dana Andrews and envy his creation

Your's is longer. Montgomery Clift goes to western. 

Cabaret or how Hollywood made Christopher Isherwood bisexual.

Oysters at Roman baths. 

Franco Nero is cruising but He's the only closet man in Querelle

Tom Ripley is in love with his upper class friend (and himself)

Dutch, Verhoeven' Spetters, One of them is gay. To make game between friends can be dangerous

Cary Grant in To catch a thief, looking to a bulge ? 

Robert Walker, Since you went away 

Dorian Gray with Helmut Berger, He even goes on cruising

Torturar a gays es tan de closet... de la película húngara Land of storms 

Y tu mamá también is NOT a gay movie but their friendship goes more than they could stand. 

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