24 abr 2012

Romy Schneider erotique in La califfa

La califfa is a 1970 film directed by writer and filmmaker Alberto Bevilacqua, starring by the talented and gorgeous Romy Schneider, and my favourite Italian actor, Ugo Tognazzi. Music is still famous, composed by Ennio Morricone.

Italian  politic cinema was fashionable in the 70’s but nowadays it has been aged in the worst way. Class struggle between a beautiful widow and the capital, il padrone, the owner of a factory. Set in Parma, we can not enjoy the city. The most powerful but rediculous (if we see with the present gaze) scene, and it is an example of how this social cinema was, is when modern electodemistics (washing machines, kitchen, etc) are given to factory worker’s women as a sort of bribe and, Romy Schneider leads the revolution action. She force them to throw away the capitalist goods into the river. 

I have made some screenshoots from all the erotic scenes with Fraulein Schneider. 

Romy Schneider naked

16 abr 2012

Marisa Allasio erotique

Susanna tutta panna is a low budget comedy directed by Steno. Not a good film but it's an absolute guilty pleasure for me to watch Neorealismo rosa comedies. Very funny comedy.

My favorite maggiorata. Divertente opening credits

Jealous boyfriend doesn't want her to be watched with that poitrine. Cose el escote.

Pero un beso de los fidanzati,

rompe el apaño.

Nino Manfredi suffers her esagerato corpo.