8 abr. 2012

Cine y Moda años 80; Movies and fashion from the 80's

It's difficult to find good examples of Fashion in 80's films. It's easier to look VIDEOCLIPS. This was the decade of MTV, the golden years of POP music. Or just take Jane Fonda's gym lessons VHS for watching hair and make up stiles. 

But here I put a selection of several must see, I don't like the 80's where films were childish for teenagers, full with stupid F/X, action, explosions; or boring and over rated retro films. Most of this films I use the posters are bad musicals, worse comedies or bad dramas, but the looks are great. 

Yuppies are only shown in two movies (I think) Wall street and Martin Scorsese's After hours

I highly recommend two films: 9 1/2 weeks (awful film) with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rooney; and specially Working girl (good one, made in 1987): let's remember that posh boss Sigourney Weaver says: less in more to her Cindirella secretary Melanie Griffith.  

Pretty woman was released in 1990, but all Julia Roberts' outfits are typically 80's. 

Oliver Stone retrató una época, una ciudad en Wall Street.

Más Julia Roberts y yuppie style.

The most talented actress of her time, Kathleen Turner had got an impressive 80's gold rush period that she did not (what a pity) follow before. In Prizzi's Honor (pic) she shared style with Iconic character Oscar winning Angelica Huston.

Independent American films were born. The best of all, this, won Cannes and put a model in the acting map.

Fashion in Paris was not the same, but ... We can enjoy all the Eric Rohmer's films.


Margaret Tacher's UK with multi cultural London. I love Hanif Kureishi's novels. He wrote the script of My beautiful launderette (pic above) with Daniel Day-Lewis.

Men felt a crush for her, Nastassja Kinskiafter Cat people, and specially Paris Texas.

Jean-Paul Gaultier has copied the colors, look and atmosphere of the last film that Fassbinder could made, Querelle.

Best comedy of the decade.

Yuppies in NY.

Armani did design all the suits and outfits for Mr. Gere. And He is naked.


Glenn Close. Another good actress started in the 80's.

Good vampire film.

Apocalyptical future. I think that Alexander Mc Queen and other designers have always followed Mad Max.

More yuppies in NY.

A Dutch noir gem.

There women united for Satan.

Almodóvar's huge hit.

And by the last, the two most important movies for me as lessons in style: Working Girl; and The Hunger.

A must see. Vampire and lesbian love passion. Rock, dark chic style with Sarandon, David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve. 

L.A people 

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