26 jun 2012

Silvana Mangano in the 60's. Io, io io e gli altri

Alessandro Blasetti's interesting but not a masterpiece Io, io, io e gli altri. It's a vehicle for Walter Chiari's domestic stardom. Written by Age & Scarpelli, inspired in Fellini's 8 1/2. We can enjoy an impressive cast: Mastroianni, Manfredi and Vittorio de Sica have got cameos. Gina Lollobrigida and Silvana Mangano have got supporting roles.

Beautiful cinematography and impressive Mangano's style. The print is very bad but we can appreciate her charm and beauty.

She plays an ordinary girl who escorts a friend to a Beauty contest, and a film producer feels a crush for her, like our protagonist, a journalist. She is offered a film and she becomes a filmstar (like her, like Lollo, like Bosè, like half actresses in late 40's and during all 50's).

In another 3 sequences, she is on the cover's in a kiosk in Via Veneto. She is surrounded and "attacked" by fans into a train station, until she is safe but sad, and lonely in a train compartment. She receives an Award i Venice Film Festival, later she kisses to Chiari. Let's note that this award is a lion, like on her real life husband Dino de Laurentiis' logo.

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Some poor quality posters.

25 jun 2012

Cómo evadir capitales. Suiza. La più bella serata della mia vita. Capital flight to Switzerland (1)

En La più bella serata della mia vita Ettore Scola adapta una novela primero, obra de teatro después, Die panne de Friedrich Dürrenmatt,  donde Alberto Sordi nos enseña cómo evadir al fisco, cómo huir con capitales. Interpreta a un hombre de negocios romano, listo, hortera, sinvergüenza, que trabaja en Milano y que conduce un Maserati. 

Sencillos pasos:

1. Ir a Suiza
2. Tener un contacto de confianza, un camionero o transportista.
3. Retirar el encargo, el dinero que le hemos dejado pasar por la frontera, terrestre, siempre más discreta. Recordad, cien millones de liras de 1972 pesan 13 kilos. Non lo sapeva? Pregunta el camionero. 
4. Ir al banco (y que esté abierto). 

Permete Rocco Papaleo. Lauren Hutton naked

Age & Scarpelli were the greatest script writers couple in Italy. They signed several masterpieces, as Ettore Scola did, but this film is not even good.
It has a promising start and a good endings, but all in the middle is a flop. It could have been a good episode in a sketch movie, one genre, film a episode, where commedia all'italiana was so brilliant. But the anecdotical story (an Italian emigrant, a miner working in Alaska goes to Chicago to see a box match, but he he is knock down by a car driven by a beautiful woman, a model) could not hold a 100 minutes film.

Chicago and its contracts: rich and poor, violence, racial, black people. Italians felt in love for America. Alberto Sordi did Un italiano in America , Antonioni made Zabriskie point. Monicelli shot La mortadella. Zampa directed an episode of Contestazione generale in New York.
Except Antonioni, who made a good American film with Americans and about Americans, all are failures. Italian expatriates or visitors. Italy vs US. Too irrelevant, superficial.

May be Lauren Hutton was not the most beautiful woman of the world, she was not a great actress, but defenetly she has something, she was THE model, the face in late 60's and all 70's.

In the film she makes campaign for cigarettes. Yes, to smoke is old fashioned.
She appears nude, may be Scola used a body double. I don't know.

What is the name of the film? Permette? Rocco Papaleo

I recommend Age & Scarpelli's good films about working class: Straziami ma di baci saziami (Dino Risi), Drama della gelosia (Ettore Scola) and specially Romanzo popolare (Mario Monicelli).

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Mexican poster

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Nanni Moretti gives a lesson about Apect Ratio

Nanni Moretti in Sogni d'oro is a filmmaker who visits a cinema cabin before his next film opening. He gives a talk and complains about how directors choose an aspect ratio and workers in cabins change it.

19 jun 2012

Massimo Girotti & Alberto Sordi in Pietrangeli's worst film

Pietrangeli's worst film is an Italian reply to American Three coins in the fountain, directed by Jean Negulesco. In spite of a script signed by Age & Scarpelli and Nobel Prize Dario Fo, the material is poor, cliché and without any interest.
Three forgotten actresses play the strangers, all are dubbed into Italian. Vittorio de Sica plays a broken count (like always). Italy is beautiful, always, we know that, but it was specially beautiful in the 50's with those convertible cars and the perfect outfits. It's like a Vogue, set in beautiful locations.

I only liked the presence of stunning Massimo Girotti on his early mature years, and Alberto Sordi. My explains, later.


The original idea: Three Americans in Rome. It was not a masterpiece, but it's better than the Italian.

Girotti plays a teacher, He was an  Italian POW in England, where he met Margaret. Stunning smile. First in Castello di ??? (Bologna), later they meet in Firenze.

Alberto Sordi has got a minor role, but his talent and perfection for comedy doesn't need more. He plays a Roman gigolo, working with a rich old lady in Firenze, He falls in love with the Parisian Josette, He dresses like a boy-scout and decide to leave the work for the hitch hiking adventure. Look his 50's hair cut. Lleva un tupé, no sé por qué, me recuerda a Andrés Pajares.