15 jun. 2012

Gerard Depardieu erotique

I have always preferred European actors, even British to Americans, who always are afraid of sex and worried about their bodies. I must confess that I have always liked Depardieu, He's an extraordinary talented actor that works lately in bad films. My confession is double, and it's about his physic. I like young Depardieu: strong, tall, blonde and French. Très sexy. My guilty pleasure. 

Novecento (below)

                                                                Blier's Les valseuses.
AKA Going Places

Pas mechant que ça

                                                     Marco Ferreri directed Ciao Maschio 

Claude Sautet's Vincent, François, Paul... et les autres

with Ornella Muti, L'ultima donna

AKA La derniere femme 

Sexy a rabiar

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