19 jun. 2012

Massimo Girotti & Alberto Sordi in Pietrangeli's worst film

Pietrangeli's worst film is an Italian reply to American Three coins in the fountain, directed by Jean Negulesco. In spite of a script signed by Age & Scarpelli and Nobel Prize Dario Fo, the material is poor, cliché and without any interest.
Three forgotten actresses play the strangers, all are dubbed into Italian. Vittorio de Sica plays a broken count (like always). Italy is beautiful, always, we know that, but it was specially beautiful in the 50's with those convertible cars and the perfect outfits. It's like a Vogue, set in beautiful locations.

I only liked the presence of stunning Massimo Girotti on his early mature years, and Alberto Sordi. My explains, later.


The original idea: Three Americans in Rome. It was not a masterpiece, but it's better than the Italian.

Girotti plays a teacher, He was an  Italian POW in England, where he met Margaret. Stunning smile. First in Castello di ??? (Bologna), later they meet in Firenze.

Alberto Sordi has got a minor role, but his talent and perfection for comedy doesn't need more. He plays a Roman gigolo, working with a rich old lady in Firenze, He falls in love with the Parisian Josette, He dresses like a boy-scout and decide to leave the work for the hitch hiking adventure. Look his 50's hair cut. Lleva un tupé, no sé por qué, me recuerda a Andrés Pajares.

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