25 jun. 2012

Permete Rocco Papaleo. Lauren Hutton naked

Age & Scarpelli were the greatest script writers couple in Italy. They signed several masterpieces, as Ettore Scola did, but this film is not even good.
It has a promising start and a good endings, but all in the middle is a flop. It could have been a good episode in a sketch movie, one genre, film a episode, where commedia all'italiana was so brilliant. But the anecdotical story (an Italian emigrant, a miner working in Alaska goes to Chicago to see a box match, but he he is knock down by a car driven by a beautiful woman, a model) could not hold a 100 minutes film.

Chicago and its contracts: rich and poor, violence, racial, black people. Italians felt in love for America. Alberto Sordi did Un italiano in America , Antonioni made Zabriskie point. Monicelli shot La mortadella. Zampa directed an episode of Contestazione generale in New York.
Except Antonioni, who made a good American film with Americans and about Americans, all are failures. Italian expatriates or visitors. Italy vs US. Too irrelevant, superficial.

May be Lauren Hutton was not the most beautiful woman of the world, she was not a great actress, but defenetly she has something, she was THE model, the face in late 60's and all 70's.

In the film she makes campaign for cigarettes. Yes, to smoke is old fashioned.
She appears nude, may be Scola used a body double. I don't know.

What is the name of the film? Permette? Rocco Papaleo

I recommend Age & Scarpelli's good films about working class: Straziami ma di baci saziami (Dino Risi), Drama della gelosia (Ettore Scola) and specially Romanzo popolare (Mario Monicelli).

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