26 jun. 2012

Silvana Mangano in the 60's. Io, io io e gli altri

Alessandro Blasetti's interesting but not a masterpiece Io, io, io e gli altri. It's a vehicle for Walter Chiari's domestic stardom. Written by Age & Scarpelli, inspired in Fellini's 8 1/2. We can enjoy an impressive cast: Mastroianni, Manfredi and Vittorio de Sica have got cameos. Gina Lollobrigida and Silvana Mangano have got supporting roles.

Beautiful cinematography and impressive Mangano's style. The print is very bad but we can appreciate her charm and beauty.

She plays an ordinary girl who escorts a friend to a Beauty contest, and a film producer feels a crush for her, like our protagonist, a journalist. She is offered a film and she becomes a filmstar (like her, like Lollo, like Bosè, like half actresses in late 40's and during all 50's).

In another 3 sequences, she is on the cover's in a kiosk in Via Veneto. She is surrounded and "attacked" by fans into a train station, until she is safe but sad, and lonely in a train compartment. She receives an Award i Venice Film Festival, later she kisses to Chiari. Let's note that this award is a lion, like on her real life husband Dino de Laurentiis' logo.

Pictures are not in order.

Some poor quality posters.

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