8 jul. 2012

Laura Antonelli erotique: il merlo maschio

il merlo maschio (AKA Secret fantasy) is an unknown hidden underrated comedy gem. 
Before Woody Allen, there was il merlo maschio. Read my opinions about the film in the next post: Verona nel cinema. 

For all Laura Antonelli fans, enjoy the pictures of this Italian beauty with the saddest and more melancholic gaze of Italian cinema. Born in Pula, Istria in 1945, last year of Italian belonging, city of the former Yugoslavia, now Croatia, she has got beauty, charm and specially fragility. Not a great actress, but her eyes were terrific. We can feel her shyness, her doubts. Very expressive. Antonelli's body put her on the 70's sex symbol map and in the top of box office champions. 

A few lines about the pictures I take from the film. 

Husband's fantasies: making pictures, first she's doped with sleeping pills, later, she lets him to make pics. What a wife can do for her husband's happiness? 

Husband discovers his wife rocks when she visits a doctor in a beautiful Art Nouveau spa.

More pictures sessions, the first she's slept, later, she poses.

Sex in films. Frustrated by his work, he dreams awake with his boss, the orchestra conductor directs both in bed.

And he plays her body as all an orchestra instruments.


One step more. Public exhibition of the wife turns him on.

Famous pictures from the film. 

From DVD: 

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