2 ago. 2012

Cine & moda USA años 60. US film & fashion

Audrey I. First lesson

                                               Liz Taylor, Paul Newman, Ann Margret

Audrey II. Second lesson. Move to Paris

Liz & Richard Burton, Capucine and Claudia Cardinale, Clint Eastwood's poncho and beard, 

Audrey III. More chic and more European than the previous Audrey's. Again, in Paris

                Ursula Andrews, Romy Schneider, Capucine and Paula Prentiss. All in Paris

Some good 60's films with their mid 60's chic atmosphere. Blake Edward's The party is perfect. 

Road fashion

                                                                       Pop Up fashion

Audrey IV. British driving in France. My all time favorite film. Thank you Mister Donen.

          The impact of the anti- hero. Steve shoots for 1st time and He becomes an icon.

                  I adore this dark adult fable with Burt Lancaster. All swim costumes you can imagine

                           The most important film for fashion we can find: Steve Mc Queen + Faye Dunaway


                                             Jacques Demy in America with Anouk Aimee

More Hollywood fashion

San Francisco fashion in Petulia. This film is the BLOW UP for California. It's a hidden masterpiece.

                                       Angie Dickinson and Lee Marvin. Neo noir has born

         Jane Fonda cames back to the states. And a handsome blonde man glitters on the screen

                               Jew Fashion with pools, brides and a nouvelle vague touch

Sexual revolution arrives to Natalie Wood and company

                                    Warhol fashion. Fashion in the late 60's in the Big Apple.

Handome Warren 

Handsome, sexy and iconic Steve McQueen in the last 50's

I don not know what to say about the perfect Paul

Alain Delon in bed

Let's dream

Alain Delon in bed with Marianne Faithfull, see below

After his prison escape, he hires a blonde hooker in Le clan des Siciliens all above

Alain Delon's bulge

Girl on a motorcycle, Alain Delon with Marianne Faithfull