21 sept 2012

Ingmar Bergman street and Greta Garbo in Stockholm

Greatest Swede man of 20th Century, He's got a street just a block away the National Theatre where He worked by decades. His most famous play, Scenes from a Marriage was announced. Even Fanny & Alexander has been transformed into a stage play, but I forgot to make a picture of the poster.

I think he deserves a bigger memorial. A statuette or something more impressive that a Street.

Stockholm was rarely shown by Bergman in his works, but we can enjoy the beautiful city with a stunning black and white cinematography in A summer with Monika 

Smaller is the presence of Greta Garbo. On her natal home street in now fashionable Sodermalm, there's a small bust. 

No Ingrid Bergman at all !!!! Not Sjöström. What are you thinking Svenska Film industry ???

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