14 ene. 2013

épater le bourgeois: Franco Nero naked

A shocking, violent, forgotten masterpiece. Marcia triunfale épate le bourgeois. After Bellocchio attacks to family I pugni in tasca, La Cina è vicina; and Catholic schools and education in Nel nome del padre, now the director talks about the Army.

During the military service of a year, somewhere in winter... there are young soldiers with cruel jokes, mobbing, gay cruising, a pornographer officer who watch explicit porn films, golden rain into a soldier at the barracks, an unhappy wife who steals and cheat, we can find anything.
Starring by (and dubbed) gorgeous Franco Nero and Miou Miou as the Captain and wife, there's the 3rd in the triangle, the soldier with diploma, played by Michele Placido, the real protagonist.
A really hard film.

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