16 feb. 2013

Silvana Mangano in the 50's: Anna by Lattuada

Anna is a powerful bizarre Catholic melodrama. A beautiful singer (sorry, she's dubbed in the film by other actress, that was normal in Italy) works in a Milano night club, she has got a sexual relationship with a violent man, Vittorio Gassman, but she meets and falls in love with a good man, Raf Vallone, so, we have got the same triangle as in Bitter Rice (Riso amaro). 

Clips of this film are shown in Cinema Paradiso, Nanni Moretti's Caro Diario and Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón's Demonios en este jardín. The song and dance, el bayón, became a hit in Spain during all the 50's. 

The film is so moral that could pass the strong Spanish censorship only with cuts: all the kisses off. 
Curiously, those passional celluloid fragments are the same that the priest in the Sicilian town orders Alfredo (Philippe Noiret) to  cut in the cabin in Cinema Paradiso. 

Who is this girl? One of her 1st non speaking role:
Sophia Loren

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