21 mar 2013

Damiano Damiani in the 60's

Damiano Damiani was not an auteur but he did good films in the 60's and early 70s. He started with two post neorealist dramas, the first written by maestro Cesare Zavattini (Il rosetto, The lipstick). 

 Later he made another drama, with a slight of crime (his speciality in the 70's).

He adapted Elsa Morante's novel Arthur's Island. It won the Goden Prize at San Sebastian film festival, it's an father - son bitter - sweet drama relation set in a small Island.

Morante was Alberto Moravia's wife. Moravia is a better known autor, and La noia is one of his best examples of decadent and boring bourgeois portraits. With a famous supporting actress: Bette Davis as the snob mother. Catherine Spaak naked, covered by big banknotes sequence is well remembered.

La rimpatriata is a forgotten masterpiece. Set in Milano, is about a group of friends that go to meet up a former one, played by Walter Chiari, who work's at his Uncle's cinema (showing Resnais' Hiroshima mon amour). Bitter story, amazing cinematography, Milano as background of the Italian boom... that was not a money miracle for all.

Damiani's most famous film, adapted by a Leonardo Sciascia's novel, The day of the Owl was both a commercial and critical success. Starred (but all are dubbed by other actors) Franco Nero, Cardinale, Serge Reggiani and American J.L Cobb. was the first modern film about mafia; and it is still one of the best ever made. 

Una ragazza piuttosto complicata, is a strange giallo (thriller), it is like a mix of Antonioni and Alberto Moravia. Set in Rome, in the swinging POP 60's. visually is beautiful, the soundtrack is cool, and the cast is amazing, all are beautiful (Sorel, Spaak and Bolkan) but sadly the story is not as good as Antonioni and there is not the Moravia's atmosphere, criticism or genius. 

16 mar 2013

Italian men

Souvenir d'Italie - Pietrangeli

Italian navy men, their rescue and party (sounding Gloria) in The wolf of Wall Street 

NO, we can not defend, I surrender !!!

Franco Nero eyes
Franco Nero's beauty

Kim Rossi Stuart

Terence Hill very young AKA Mario Girotti

                             Terence Hill (centre) is a Garibalidian soldier in Visconti's Gattopardo

Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Giovanna's father, very impressive

Alessandro Preziosi

Alessandro Preziosi in letto, Il commissario De Luca