6 abr. 2013

Bigas Luna has died

Catalan filmmaker, famous for his erotism has died (damned cancer). He discovered new actors such as Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Jordi Mollá or Francesca Neri.
His most famous films released worldwide are the following. His origins are more underground, even more hardcore Bilbao, Caniche

Minor corruption, toys, flutes, incest, threesomes, orgys, transexual prostitute, evil queers, the movie was crap but the novel is a masterpiece

Bardem (right) on his 1st supporting role, as a pervert gay who guides to Francesca Neri into Madrid hell sex nights

Jordi Molla also was discovered by Bigas Luna

Bardem's bulge
Penelope 1st role
Bardem 1st leading role
They got married years later
More pics. Penélope Cruz between two men, a tit tastes tortilla de patata, the other to jamón. 

                                                               Huevos de Oro

Maribel Verdu shows to Maria de Medeiros her tits ala Dali
Alessandro Gassman, son of great Vittorio (second)

Benicio del Toro (top) screws Bardem's wife

spoken in Catalan and French, it was a flop in Spain

filmed in Italy, it was a bad film

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