10 abr. 2013

Borbones de España: the movie

Spain 2013, Shakespeare meets Big Brother and I Claudius.  

Public money has disappeared, a loyal Judge investigates how and two members or the Royals are suspicious, secret and huge Swiss bank accounts appears from a past secret testament,  the (until now hidden) past of all of them are shown by Mass media everyday, womanizer men, ignorant women, public lovers, secret mistress. 
The Kings is ill and everybody plays Chess. 
Private wars for getting the Power. Public scandals. Republicans vs Monarchist. Abortion, family blackmail, political conspiracy, billionaire commissions, Arab connections, Corrupted Government and Opposition, Social poverty, and moral crisis ... 

Will the guillotines come back? 

Sir Anthony Perkins as the powerful sick King
Michelle Pfeiffer as the King's gold digger entitled German special friend
Helen Mirren as the Spanish Queen with Greek accent
Michael Fassbender as the handsome thief, the Duke

Anne Hathaway as the divorced ex journalist, now Heir Princess
Javier Bardem as the Judge
Julia Ormond as the Princess- Duchess, the thief's wife that doesn't know anything. 
Paco León as the super smart and well prepared Heir Prince
Michael Douglas as the ex London banker, now Elephant hunter, 1st husband of the German special friend

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