29 ago. 2013

Italian cameos in stupid comedy

American tourist, foreign clichés, international cameos, beautiful 60's gowns, crazy euro coproductions, beautiful locations but small talent. Not as funny as it could have been. Poor script, the best, by far, its title: If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

Beautiful Swedish but Italian adopted Anita Ekberg

Is this the only "British - Hollywood" movie Catherine Spaak did ?

Many years later Quo Vadis, that beautiful slave, Marina Berti

The grand Vittorio de Sica with horrible spectacles, plays a shoe artisan.

Elsa Martinelli was also a model, she's not got any bad angle

and Virna Lisi, this time not as blonde

Beautiful Polish film poster

27 ago. 2013

Caro Michele, capolavoro di Monicelli

What a shame Signor Berlusconi ! Monicelli's sad and bitter masterpiece Caro Michele was finally released in DVD by Mr. President's company Medussa, but sadly with a poor horrible image. Judge yourself.

The film is choral, but Mariangela Melato can be named the real protagonist because she plays the best role, and she steals our heart as the loser young mother with no place to go, and without any talent to do.  She is funny and all she does is tragic. Just in front all Michele's little bourgeois and highbrow media, she is like a volcano, she is the symbol of that post 1968 women.

Michele is missing, his mother, sisters and friends receive by  and write letters to him.
Post 1968 society is grey, is sad (colors are ugly), youth is empty, some young man (as Michele) falls in love with violence, it's the age of Terrorism (gli anni di piombo) in Italy, Germany (and Spain).

Another viaggio di fuga: Sicilia

A last try, a road movie

Chaplin's touch on its ending 

Aurore Clement's naked. She plays one of the two Michele's sisters. 

12 ago. 2013

Giallo di autore: Un tranquillo posto di campagna, Franco Nero's eyes

An excellent Elio Petri's giallo (thriller), with beautiful locations in posh Milano (Franco Nero is a successful painter) and in a Villa in Veneto, probably made my Palladio. 

A sexual fantasy, He dreams he's making love ... bondage by Vanessa Redgrave

Elio Petri directs Franco Nero

Sexy Vanessa Redgrave
future married couple