4 ago. 2013

Sex with Franco Nero, Gente di respetto

Luigi Zampa is one of the most underrated Italian filmmakers. Gente di respetto is not his best film, a political (mafia) thriller set in Sicilia, but defenetely is better than other Sicilian films, I am thinking on Damiano Damiani's ones with Franco Nero.

Americans James Mason and Jennifer O'Neal are pretty well but dubbed.

Franco Nero plays a school teacher, a coward one, and he lives a love affair with his new colleague, O'Neal.

in the bed with Franco Nero

Franco Nero naked

Franco Nero bottom

kissing to Franco Nero

Franco Nero in bed. What a fantasy

Beautiful Sicilian locations in the film

How hot Franco Nero was

Gente di respetto, Yugoslavian film poster

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