8 sept. 2013

Un amore a Roma, Dino Risi's unknown masterpiece

Roma in 1959 - 1960, black and white, Jet Set in the city, a moneyless Count with intellectual interests (a writer wannabe) finds a cat in a Roma street, and meets a blond. No, it's not La dolce vita 

Dino Risi filmed a  bitter love (and sex attraction) story, a man with three beautiful women: his ex rich girlfriend (Elsa Martinelli), another rich girl (Maria Pershy) and a poor Cinecittà starlette with no talent except for making love.

Alberto Moravia esprit of being empty and bored is not so far (La noia). In a superficial (but beautiful) society, don't call it  love, named it sex. I wish I could live in that gorgeous late 50's Rome.

Mylène Demongeot has got the main role, a late 50's girl alla Brigitte Bardot, open to love, open to sex. Where are you from? the Count asks, I am from Veneto, cannot you notice that ? she replays. (That northern reference is the excuse for our heroin being so, so blonde).

peplum at Cinecittà, Vittorio de Sica is the film director
Elsa Martinelli appears in only 4 sequences (3 nights, wearing always a little black dress, and one during daylight:

love break out at Piazza Spagna

Maria Pershy looks very good, she reminds me to Virna Lisi in the film
la Perschy
 Piazza Navona, the square where Dino Risi filmed his trilogy Poveri ma belli 

A trip to shoot in Capri, with the hot blond Jacques Sernas:

Bed troubles.

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