9 oct. 2013

Alla ricerca di Tadzio: when Björn Andrésen met Visconti

¿Gay? games 

There's a wonderful RAI documentary, an extraordinary Death in Venice pre- making of, when Visconti and a small film team travelled around cold Europe for casting a blonde teenager. Don't worry, it's Thomas Mann !
This doc piece should be included into the 2 disc WB DVD or into a blu ray upgrade. Sadly, it's only surfing the net in bad conditions.

Visconti very dissaponited in Budapest, the first step on his search for Tadzio.

Casting in Stockholm

And suddenly, He, Björn Andrésen , appears and Viasconti has found his Tadzio

Björn Andrésen 

But the documentary (and trip) goes on, they travel by ferry to Helsinki

Casting in Helsinki (all too young)

The real Tadzio, Warsaw

visiting a school in Warsaw

Come back to Venice for working

Björn Andrésen arrival and more test cams.

and the result

Death in Venice Polish film poster

Tadzio and his friend

beautiful Björn Andrésen kiss or confidence

Friendship, a crush or Gay games? 

Inocencia o sabe jugar 

what a beautiful ending 

Cannes film festival

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