25 nov. 2013

Judaism in Petri's Investigation + Florinda Bolkan sex symbol

Film Opening: Florinda Bolkan lives in front of Roma synagogue, Via del Tempio (Temple street) corner with Via Catalana (former Jewish ghetto) number 2. I have just googled and used the virtual tour and the house is quite the same as the film offers, but the synagogue bars look different in the present. Captures are from my 2 discs Italian DVD box. The 3rd capture (Blu ray) is taken from dvdbeaver.

Volonté enters in 2 Via del Tempio

Jewish praying. Minute 8 aprox

The only witness of what Gian Maria Volonté has done is the Jewish God (and we, audience) 

The synagogue (from google, not the movie)

Florinda Bolkan, as dangerous butterfly embraces the male. 

Mar Flores, Spanish ex model, pseudo actress and gold digger (de luxe call girl, todo Madrid says) could perfectly plays Bolkan in a biopic, to me she looks like Florinda's twin sister.

It's curious how a Bisexual woman makes this queer that writes straight.
Marina Cicogna was a Venetian countess (from the Volpi, Venice film festival actor and actress prizes are named Volpi cup in honor to her grandfather) turned into film producer, she met Florinda (divorced and also a Jet Set member) somewhere (any news is welcome), so, the Brazilian had the main role in the stunning 1969 film Metti una sera a cena … film produced by the countess, and they were in love for twenty years, without publicity, no paparazzi, no pictures at all. They worked together in Petri's Investigation… Vittorio de Sica's A Brief Vacation; auteur giallo Le orme  (Moon footprints) and Alberto Sordi's very funny comedy about how sexploitation crashed with Italian society Il commune sense del pudore.

A 2009  interview with Marina Cicogna

the very chic Countess Marina Cicogna in 2013 summer

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