25 nov. 2013

The botox communion in La grande bellezza

The new Religion is eternal youth, the new Priest says: Don't call me professor, call me caro (dear) or amico (friend). The best sequence not only of a rich film full of glorious scenes, it's by far my favorite film moment of the 21st Century.

As in 8 1/2, a smiling white dress nurse offers us health, the enemy?

Take your number, darling

Are we into, is it a Luxurious Brothel? New society in Sorentino's film is completely unhappy in sex

The priest says hello, as He would be praying (centre)

The first in the new communion. And goes on. A brief one or two sentence quick chat between client and the doctor, plus the botox injection serves in the modern jet set world, as a Priest's absolution.

Price? 700 euros 
The great beauty, German poster
Movie was made with my money 

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