25 ene. 2014

Lucas Prisor and Marine Vacth

I discovered him yesterday in François Ozon's Jeune et Jolie and I am still impressed by the beauty of Marine Vacth and Lucas Prisor. The  ginger man plays a German on holidays in France and He's the one for deflowering the very young 16 years old girl on her 17th birthday.

A French beach, summer time, is it Rohmer?

The brother, arm and shadow. A teenager (wanker) modern Nosferatu over his objective, he feels attraction to his sister, you know, it's Ozon. But it's not an incestuous subplot. He's a horny teen with a gorgeous monument sister.

 A rendez-vous, in such a night !

A German screwing Europa, any Merkel subtext?

Next day

After a few of virgin blood

She's ready for working

Let's make love like in SHAME, over a window 

Marine Vacth, the most beautiful girl in the world nowadays.

Her insane and perfect Beauty and casual Paris style is like Princess Charlotte Casiraghi di Monaco

From masturbates with a pillow, she becomes a Sex expert

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