19 ago. 2014

Nobody fucks like a Spaniard

The best Vicente Aranda's work was Amantes (Lovers) a true crime it happened in Madrid in the late 40's. Victoria Abril and Maribel Verdú fights for the same boy (Jorge Sanz, who nailed all the sisters in Oscar winner Belle Epoque). Extraordinary imagination with sex with a handkerchief. 

Maribel Verdú is famous in Spain because she loves to show her body. 

Pañuelo, it's based in Enrique Iglesias' mother legendary sex tricks for getting married with rich men 

Vicente Aranda is a good teacher. Si te dicen que caí is a super faithful adaptation of Juan Marsé's masterpiece novel. Sex pregnant, golden rain, voyeur… anything you can imagine. Victoria Abril has got two roles. Sex in the worst years of Postwar. 

For Jamon Jamon go to my post about Bigas Luna 

Golden Balls is an underrated movie. Bigas Luna spoke clear about the construction  fever years before it happened. Excellent casting. Hot sex. Benicio del Toro's debut. Maribel Verdú again. 

The best cunnilingus in an Almodóvar's film

The famous 1st meeting between Penélope Cruz and Bardem 

More recent and Hot sex scenes in these movies. 

Bardem and Jordi Molla, after Jamón Jamón, they screw together in the gay melodrama Second Skin 

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