21 ene. 2015

Grémillion. A Spanish deception: Centinela Alerta

A bad film, a huge deception. There's not Gremillion's poetry, there's not any Buñuel's touch. It's just a poor Melodrama with songs. Although the 3rd Buñuel's project, La hija de Juan Simón is even worse.

Bourgeois (and the bad guy, he gambles, etc) seduces the innocent country girl. 

The sound is dreadful. It's very Southern themed film with South accents and South flamenco music..n and I'm too much Northern. 

There were platinum blondes even in the Spanish Republica years. I'm surprised. 

It's not Las Hurdes, it's closer to Madrid but it's nice, and dry. 

The only positive thing I find: How to describe how bad the Monarchy and Miguel de Rivera's Dictatorship was, Spain was poor, rural, no modern, oppressed…. 

with Bourgeouis and bad classic and heavy furniture. 

Soldiers sing. Two years later, the War will start. 

Rural poor Spain = Monarchy = Injustice = Single unmarried mother 

Too much flamenco and South songs. Spain is NOT only the bloody South.  Franco will sell the same South stereotypes.  

But we change to urban, modern Madrid = Republica 

The girls, very Shirley Temple style, has grown and we are in a tobacco shop, the ordinary way of living for unmarried women in those (and later) years. 

What a change !!! Look the costumes. It's like in America. Republica is modern, it's not the old and poor Spain. 

Even the sets have changed. 

Even in Madrid there are vamps in cafés. 

It's not Irene Dunne. 

There's a a final musical number in the WB 42nd Street style, filmed without budget. 

Fragments of Buñuel, the Red Years can found


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