29 dic. 2017

Sara Montiel in Hollywood James M Cain

Serenade, of of the best and the most sordid novel of James M Cain was a very bad and boring picture, probably the worst made by Anthony Mann, but Sara Montiel looks and is divine. She married Mann after the filming.

The film is a vehicle for Mario Lanza.

San Miguel de Allende, before the Gringos arrived and made hundred of new villas

with the divine and rival Joan Fontaine, in the original novel is a gay man 

a curious meeting in WB studios, two beauties, Liz was making Giant 

15 dic. 2017

Hardy Krüger

A very interesting story, based on true events. I think the rest of his life would deserve another picture. 
Hardy Kruger was gorgeous. 

He was a real nazi soldier (right picture)  

Con Catherine Deneuve

17 nov. 2017

Barcelona noir

Un poeta, Carlos Zanon, escribe prosa negra, dura, despiadada y directa como una bala. Una Barcelona noir llena de pequeños criminales y grandes fracasados. Ha sido el mayor orgasmo literario del otoño. Es mejor que James Ellroy. Es la hostia. Quiero leer todo lo suyo.

16 oct. 2017

Miramax and the Spaniards

Boca a boca

Oscar Nominée El abuelo

La lengua de las mariposas 

y dos éxitos de Pedro Almodóvar

10 sept. 2017

Brian Aherne

He was English, he was gorgeous, as perfect as a classic Sculpture is. Perfect nose, beautiful profile. His hair perhaps was light brown, or grey blond, we'll never know. There are not films in colour when he was young.

Aherne worked with George Cukor in Sylvia Scarlett where he met two iconic women: Katherine Hepburn and Royal Blond born Natalie Paley.

Star of MGM in a Joan Crawford vehicle 

Co-star of Paramount vehicle for Marlene Dietrich, The song of Songs

He desired Marlene Dietrich. He is an sculptor, and in Pre-Code films, he can touch tits 

HIs best role here, a forgotten screwball masterpiece comedy