29 dic. 2017

Sara Montiel in Hollywood James M Cain

Serenade, of of the best and the most sordid novel of James M Cain was a very bad and boring picture, probably the worst made by Anthony Mann, but Sara Montiel looks and is divine. She married Mann after the filming.

The film is a vehicle for Mario Lanza.

San Miguel de Allende, before the Gringos arrived and made hundred of new villas

with the divine and rival Joan Fontaine, in the original novel is a gay man 

a curious meeting in WB studios, two beauties, Liz was making Giant 

15 dic. 2017

Hardy Krüger

A very interesting story, based on true events. I think the rest of his life would deserve another picture. 
Hardy Kruger was gorgeous. 

He was a real nazi soldier (right picture)  

Con Catherine Deneuve