4 nov. 2018

Milano city of my noir dreams

Milano is noir. Milano rocks, Milán es guay. Life is wrongful and in other life I want to be a woman, to live in Milan, with Cindy Crawford's body and Michel Morgan's style, class and voice.

Milan was dirty, grey but not anymore. It's New York in Europe, is Germany in Italy. It's full of modernity in shops, buildings, new skyscrapers,  public spaces, a new park was opened last weekend with a beautiful name La biblioteca degli alberi (Library of trees). The last Starbucks (first in Italy), the Norman Foster's apple store, Prada, Feltrinelli, Armani foundations - museums. 
Everything  is newer, moderner, greener ad more expensive. 

Noir Milano classics mean Giorgio Scerbanenco. I just L O V E his books. There's a cycle of four noirs with Duca Lamberti, Milano Quartet

Read them. Please, do it. 

Next time I visit Milano, I want to walk Lamberti's paths to resolve the crimes. 

Quentin Tarantino loves Milano calibro 9, based on a short story avaliable in the Anthology with the same name. Carlos Saura made in 1993 Dispara, another based on violent tale from that book. 

Bad title for I Milanesi ammazzano al sabato (Milan people kills on Saturday) 

I finished last night a book that reminds me Secerbanenco. It's called Io la troverò (I'll find her) by Romano de Marco.  Italians should make a film. Giallo, I don't like giallo and / or Dario Argento at all (except Deep Red

Everything reminds me Noir. Dirty black money from mafias meet Napoleon's Neoclassic style, local mafia or international, all work there. Killers from Balkans, spoilt rich kids, the worst weather ever both in winter and summer, super models ala femme fatale, Footballers, Old money, food, Smog, Swiss frontier, Parvenues, Fashion, hundreds of immigrants, Middle Age meet Technology, families from the Renaissance meet WW2 ruins,  Ferraris, the raise and decline of Fascism, Mussolini's ghost, the beauty of Art Nouveau (called Liberty in Italy). Let's remember Stendhal loved Milano and considered himself one (as we can read on his grave in Montmarte cemetery, Paris) 

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