20 nov. 2018

Objects of desire

Almost a year ago... Timothée Chalamet  was prepared for stealing our hearts and give us devastated with his impressive talent and Youth.

Now I'm dreaming all the fucking day with Adidas. Adidas look, Adidas fetish. Adidas everywhere. I blame/ thank you Armie Hammer. (More pictures of Armie low low the post)

I'd kill for being 17 again. Who wouldn't ???
I didn't have Italy, villas, language exchanges, and a hot companion.
What sad my life was /is / will be!

 Me, ex posh with no money, now in my 40 y.o crisis, chic-chavs turn me on. 
Some footballers and hot blond sporty guys. The first is Kasper Dolberg

Swiss actor Max Hubacher (below)

Ola Toivonen (below)

Ola Toivonen

Seb Larsson.

Adidas erotique

Rubios con calcetines 

Yes I am 

Let's fix  all the Oscars and fucking awards. Only Phantom Thread could have defeat Call me by your name. And It didn't. 

Funny fan art sequel poster. 

The scene in the car made my heart stop and cry. I have needed my mother so many times in my life. 

Armie Hammer is gorgeous

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