10 feb. 2019

Albert Finney drives to Heaven

Albert Finney, the last survivor of 1967 Best European and American film, died last Friday.

Two for the Road was written, directed and starred by all in process of divorce people. The script is perfect. Henry Mancini's score is probably is best work (difficult to say of a master's career).

Stanley Donen's direction is amazing, with the editing work, He achieves a film that it's not exactly French Nouvelle Vague, or Italian modern cinema, it's not Hollywood, it's not British, it's a film like a Island, with elements of the places I've said, they are mixed in perfection and style.

It's clever, comic, sad, bitter, smart. 

What to say about Audrey Hepburn and Fashion?  In a 15 years change period arch, the film is the perfect occasion for changing look, haircuts and Outfits. They help and mark the narration.

What we could say about the script, the Only Oscar nomination the film deserved? Frederic Raphael was hired by Stanley Kubrick for another perfect portrait of a marriage: Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

The year Fox spent all their dollars in Dr. Doolittle.
Two for the Road is my all time favourite film. Penélope Cruz has always declared here devotion and love for it to.

I had a crush for Finney when I watched this film with 16 years old in a 1994 TVE emission. I remember that night. My father lived. I was in High School. It was a Saturday night. 

I wanted a cute selfish brown hair guy for me. In Madrid I had one, Alberto, and stupid I was, I thought in Finney.

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