16 feb. 2019

The happy ending 1969 Richard Brooks

An absolute gem. 
Except the beginning where Jean Simmons and John Forsythe play their characters when they are young (bad make up, Brooks should have chosen young actors) meet at College, fall in love and get married, the film is a masterpiece. 

A cruel one. 

What remarkable dialogues! During all the picture.

The film has even today poor reviews. It was never relesed in France... perhaps that is the reason.
It's clever, smart, very bitter, even sour.

It's the best example for existencial emptiness and unhappiness in a mid-age woman I've seen , and I'm suffering one, in queer way.

Jean Simmons is great, and she looks gorgeous. Shirley Jones has a beautiful supporting role. I loved it, I love the way the meet at the plane after years of not seeing each other.

Brooks and Simmons divorced after the movie.
The film is quite scary, a trip to the very dark side of the American Dream in late 60s. But trust me, now is a universal problem. Scary one.

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